If you work with a script-driven app on your site and all the content that you create is stored in a database, your website hosting package needs to come with ample database storage, in order to make sure that even when your site expands, you will not experience any kind of problems due to the shortage of space. PostgreSQL is an example of a widespread database administration system which is used with lots of scalable web applications and in case you want enhanced performance and reliability for your website, it's likely that you will take advantage of this system. That being said, you will need a web hosting plan that will not limit your world wide web presence, particularly if you would like to operate several websites and each of them functions with PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Web Hosting

We provide a plethora of Linux shared web hosting in order to offer you a chance to acquire the functions that you really need and not pay extra for functions that you will not use. That's why, the PostgreSQL storage space is an additional improvement that you are able to add through your Hepsia Control Panel with some of the plans; with others you get a pre-defined allowance, while with the high-end plans you receive unlimited database storage space. Since you can quickly switch between the packages or upgrade certain attributes, you can start with a lower-end one then upgrade when you would like to host PostgreSQL-driven sites. Of course, if you would like to create such a site from the start, you'll be able to pick the most appropriate plan which comes with PostgreSQL support by default.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you'd like to use PostgreSQL for your websites, you can take full advantage of our powerful semi-dedicated server packages. Based on the websites that you want to have, you can choose between limited and unlimited PostgreSQL storage, since a smaller site needs less system resources, this way you can pay a lower fee every month. The top-notch plan contains unlimited storage space and due to the fact that it also contains much more computing power, you will be able to operate heavy script applications without a problem and without worrying that your sites will grow excessively. You can run large online shops or forums with a large number of users and regardless of how much their PostgreSQL databases expand, there will be no interruptions due to reaching some limit. For your information, you will always be able to see the size of every single database as well as the overall size that all the databases take, but you will never see any sort of restriction in the hosting Control Panel.